New Zealand’s largest bank to add to deliver instant, actionable notifications and messages

ANZ Bank New Zealand will use the app-based messaging platform through their goMoney and banking apps to improve customer experience and add value.

The types of messages ANZ customers receive could include alerts as to when their fixed mortgage rate is up for renewal, when credit card payments are due, and how they might avoid costs or use new products in the future. is transforming the way businesses interact with customers through embedding a unique interactive messaging platform inside organisations’ existing mobile and web apps. The platform is highly secure. It uses extensive measures to protect data, and features the latest advancements in cloud security, monitoring and resiliency from AWS.

Nick Hearn, Chief Revenue Officer at, welcomed ANZ’s decision to use

“ is perfectly suited to customer-focused organisations that genuinely want to make it easy for their customers to get things done on digital channels,” said Nick.

“These organisations can add real value to their own customers by ensuring the right message is sent at the right time. More importantly, their customers can immediately take action in the message itself.

“ puts the customer in control of what they need to do and reduces risk and cost for the business.”

He said many banks, for example, are working to create meaningful long-term customer relationships through seamless digital experiences. Yet, many banks are still taking a hand coded approach to getting these experiences in front of their customers, meaning speed to market and scale can’t easily be achieved. Their apps are not as effective as they could be. can deliver customer read rates through apps of more than 90 percent – more than triple the rate using conventional messaging, such as email. Action rates on received messages sit at over 40 percent.

Cloud-enabled and highly secure, the platform is designed with functionality that puts app minded organisations in control of their customer experiences. The solution’s plug-and-play components enable organisations to build communication experiences with the speed needed to innovate and evolve to constantly changing customer expectations.

Organisations using the platform are in complete control of what data gets put into That data can only be presented when a customer is authenticated into the app being used. The net result is that customers feel safe and confident in responding to messaging that they receive in app.

“Apps are the most important channel for customers, but their potential is not being realised. Customer-focused organisations need fast, scalable, personalised and secure ways to meet the rapidly growing digital expectations that customers have.” 

“Delivering personalised compliance, marketing, sales, and servicing experiences that customers have confidence in strengthens the overall customer relationship. High trust, high confidence and ease of use channels is essential for organisation growth,” he said.

“More and more organisations are realising the need to rapidly improve the performance of their apps. With, not only does the customer get a constantly improving and world-class experience, but in-house development teams can focus their efforts on delivering their core product or service.”’s Customer Engagement Platform is available across the world including in the U.K, US, Australia, and New Zealand.



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