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About Movember

Movember is a global leading charity changing the face of men’s health, operating for the last two decades. Every year, they call upon over 300,000 people worldwide to join the ‘Order of Mo’ and raise lifesaving funds to take on mental health, suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. They now have fundraisers in over 20 different countries raising over A$1.5 billion.




Key results:


higher CTR compared to email


increase in user retention within the app

Enhancing in-app messaging to foster stronger user engagement


Movember‘s fundraisers make use of and the Movember app for registration and profile setup, facilitating donation collection and interaction within the Movember community. Recognizing that top fundraisers preferred the mobile app, Movember aimed to treat the app as the primary channel and use it to sustain engagement throughout the entire Movember month.

However, limitations in their existing tech stack restricted the team to sending push notifications with minimal control over the app’s user journey. Additionally, the lack of integration between the mobile app and the web portal resulted in a disjointed messaging experience for fundraisers. On the backend, the current tech stack did not seamlessly integrate with their marketing automation platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, posing challenges in swiftly deploying cards at scale.


Leading up to November 2023, Movember integrated, transforming their fundraiser community experience by seamlessly delivering dynamic, actionable content within both their web and mobile applications. The implementation involved integrating into variations locations, including the mobile app (both iOS and Android), their existing website APIs, the web platform, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to incorporate notifications and action cards into various user journeys.
The impact was immediate. Leveraging, Movember deployed over 1 million action cards to notify users of new donations and guide them to personalised thank-yous for the donors. This straightforward approach achieved an impressive 20% click-through rate, further enhancing user engagement within the app.

By seamlessly incorporating action cards into their established Salesforce Marketing Cloud journeys, Movember successfully encouraged users to update their profile and contact information, achieving an outstanding 10% click-through rate, far surpassing industry averages in traditional channels like email (2.3%).

To sustain user motivation throughout the entire month, Movember partnered with brands such as Gillette and Pringles, matching donations during specific periods over the month. These donation-match action cards garnered a 24% click-through rate (10x higher than industry averages in email) and effectively maintained user engagement during traditionally less active times of the month.

Key takeaway

By the end of their campaign, Movember published over 5 million action cards to users in the web and mobile app. This yielded significant results, notably an impressive 8% increase in in-app customer retention compared to their 2023 campaign. The platform’s capacity for unified, actionable, and high-conversion two-way messaging proved instrumental in achieving this. This success underscored’s pivotal role in Movember’s strategy to not only address immediate communication challenges but also drive sustained user growth, increase app engagement and ultimately raise more funds for men’s health. x Movember

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