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Reward and retain

Celebrate and reward your most valuable customers in-app

Use in-app messages to acknowledge milestones, announce rewards, and strengthen customer loyalty. A staggering 55% of global consumers say personalised rewards are a significant incentive to join loyalty programs.’s flexible approach enables customization based on your enterprise’s data and organisation. Tailor rewards and retention strategies to fit your customers’ preferences and maximise loyalty.


Get to your customers at the right time and place

Leverage customer data that your enterprise already possesses to enable hyper personalization. integrates with your entire marketing stack, including email, SMS, web, social, and more, providing another powerful channel for personalised interactions.


Timely deals get conversions

Boost your conversion rates with targeted and interactive offers seamlessly embedded in your app. In-app promotions are more likely to be seen and acted upon, as they are personalised, interactive, and delivered directly to customers. Statistics show that 65% of consumers expect to be offered targeted promotions.

Proactive Messaging

Boost customer trust

Ensure your customers stay informed by securely sending personalised updates in-app. Minimise costly customer service interactions by delivering important updates directly to their devices, without compromising on security. Research reveals that 71% of consumers expect companies to provide personalised interactions.

Our customers wanted a better way to take action and we wanted to do this the best way possible. Atomic was the obvious choice and was far more effective and scalable than other options.

Paul Bartlett

Head of Customer Channels, Foodstuffs North Island

Customer Stories

“Our customers wanted a better way to take action and we wanted to do this the best way possible. Atomic was the obvious choice and was far more effective and scalable than other options.”

Paul Bartlett • Head of Customer Channels

Foodstuffs North Island

“Engaging customers in an actionable habit sits at the heart of our retention and growth strategy. We could have spent years building this capability ourselves but wanted to keep up with our customers’ needs. So it was crucial that we got a great experience to market quickly… Atomic allowed us to get up and running in a month.”

Richard Phillips • Chief Growth Officer 
Kiwi Wealth

“We needed to reduce friction and complexity for our users in the middle of a particularly complex workflow, using atomic meant we could address this for customers significantly quicker than if we’d built it inhouse.”

Richard Wyke • Chief Product Officer 

“With the increasing urgency to push the bank to a digital first operating model, more and more of the interactions around product servicing, compliance and general customer support need to be digitized in a way that makes things easy for our customers. Atomic has provided us an efficient and effective path forward to solve this problem, across channels, and to help us avoid the pitfalls of trying to build this ourselves. The crew at Atomic has been incredibly supportive and proactive in getting us to this point in our journey.”

Nick Fantham Digital • Product Manager

“We chose Atomic to sit at the heart of our platform, powering the mission-critical proactive in-app patient engagement and actionable messaging layer, because it gives our customers unparalleled power and flexibility. Only Atomic offers a highly secure, HIPAA compliant, low-code enterprise-cloud platform that integrates seamlessly inside our digital experience platform.”

Daniel DelMastro • Chief Executive Officer
SS&C Health

“In a world of giant MarTech platforms, sunk integration costs and high SaaS fees, Atomic is a light-weight, complementary tool that helps us get value from what we’ve already invested in, and be right where our customers need us. Atomic is a game-changer for health insurance businesses. It lets you shift critical, sensitive customer interactions away from email and into app. The messages are interactive, and completely traceable.”

Regan Savage • Head of Marketing & Engagement
Southern Cross Health Insurance

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