for Wealth Management –

Deliver the next-generation of wealth management, right in your app



Increase engagement at every stage of the customer journey


Provide tailored promotions and proactive self-service choices that are easy to respond to, helping customers to achieve more within your app.

Empower your customers to:

  • Cut customer service costs with self-service features
  • Access time-sensitive offers and investment opportunities
  • Provide you with important information
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Send high-priority alerts, drive activation, and nudge customers to engage instantly.

Activate your customers with:

  • Actionable alerts and approvals
  • Smooth onboarding and activation processes
  • Personalised prompts and reminders
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Increase customer retention and unlock the full potential of your app by:

  • Highlighting valuable insights
  • Collecting feedback through user-friendly outreach and surveys
  • Provide easy access to customer loyalty and rewards


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Increase engagement by delivering the right updates at the right time.

  • Provide updates on system and website outages
  • Create highly-personalised customer experiences
  • Educate customers with tips, tricks, and investment advice
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Wealth management success stories

“Engaging customers in an actionable habit sits at the heart of our retention and growth strategy. We could have spent years building this capability ourselves but wanted to keep up with our customers’ needs. So it was crucial that we got a great experience to market quickly… allowed us to get up and running in a month.”

Richard Phillips  Head of Growth

“ANZ chose to help us communicate with our customers in our banking app because it enabled us to deliver our program exponentially faster and had the flexibility we need in order to keep delivering outstanding customer experiences. It was crucial to quickly enable our team to engage with customers where they are most often… inside the Go-Money and Internet Banking apps.”

Astrud Burgess • GM Data and Marketing

“With the increasing urgency to push the bank to a digital first operating model, more and more of the interactions around product servicing, compliance and general customer support need to be digitized in a way that makes things easy for our customers. Atomic has provided us an efficient and effective path forward to solve this problem, across channels, and to help us avoid the pitfalls of trying to build this ourselves. The crew at has been incredibly supportive and proactive in getting us to this point in our journey.”

Nick Fantham Digital • Product Manager


Wealth management success stories

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