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Fisher Funds achieve 25% increase in customer response and uptake of digital advice tools in-app

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Fisher Funds offers investment services across New Zealand through their KiwiSaver Scheme, Managed Funds, and Private Portfolio Service.




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Your superannuation members want to feel like you know them.


When creating a personalised service for customers, Rhiannon McKinnon, former CEO of Kiwi Wealth (part of Fisher Funds) understood the challenges wealth management companies face. She knew that if Fisher Funds wanted to stand out from the competition, they would have to find a way to show their customers that they understood their individual needs and goals.They also knew that lack of transparency could erode customer loyalty and negatively impact the success of the business.


To address these challenges, Fisher Funds began focusing on marketing automation and data-driven marketing. Anna McLaughlin, Head of Marketing Automation, and Tracy Robbins, Growth Automation Manager, knew that personalisation was crucial in gaining customer trust and loyalty. They needed to make sure that customers felt seen and understood. Fisher Funds also understood that transparency was important to customers. 

Rich Phillips, Head of Growth, “knew that customers wanted to know exactly what they were paying for and how their investments were performing”.  To address this issue, Fisher Funds focused on providing transparency in their investment strategies and fees.

The team at Fisher Funds also knew that trust was critical to building a successful relationship with their customers. By using, Fisher Funds was able to provide a personalised and transparent service that built a healthy habit with their customers, ultimately leading to more trustworthy engagement. allowed them to create a secure in-app environment where customers could have personalised conversations about their investments, which could not be achieved through email.

Key takeaway

Fisher Funds also used to target customers with dynamic content, ensuring that they received the right message at the right time. By constantly monitoring and analysing customer data, they were able to gain valuable insights that allowed them to personalise their service even further.

Through their focus on personalisation, transparency, and trust, Fisher Funds was able to gain their trust and loyalty. And with, they could do it all in a way that was efficient and effective, giving them a significant competitive advantage in the wealth management industry.

"Engaging customers in an actionable habit sits at the heart of our retention and growth strategy. We could have spent years building this capability ourselves but wanted to keep up with our customers' needs. So it was crucial that we got a great experience to market quickly… allowed us to get up and running in a month."

Richard Phillips

Head of Growth, Fisher Funds

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