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Only Atomic unlocks your app’s full potential

Apps are the only digital channel where you can offer highly-secure, deeply personalised customer interaction. Atomic enables you to finally put your apps at the heart of your engagement strategy.


Atomic for Banking

Supercharge your digital banking channels

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Atomic for Health Insurance

Supercharge your digital health insurance channels

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Increase Customer Engagement with Atomic

Send relevant updates that anticipate individual customer needs, at just the right time, in-app.

In-App Announcements

Keep customers informed, engaged and excited by sending interactive announcements in app.

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In-App Personalized Updates

Keep customers informed and minimize costly customer service by sending timely updates securely in app.

Explore personalized in-app updates

In-App Education

Help customers master your products and services with bite-sized in-app education delivered by Atomic.

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Improve Customer Activation with Atomic

Use your most secure customer channel to deliver priority alerts, drive activation and nudge customers to take action.

In-App Alerts

Reach customers quickly, securely and reliably, in-app, when urgent matters need to cut through.

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In-App Onboarding and Activation

Give customers a fast-track to unlocking value from your apps.

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In-App Nudges

Calmly guide customers to take positive actions with perfectly placed in app nudges.

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Increase Conversion with Atomic

Deliver personalized offers and proactive self-service options that are effortless to act on and help customers get more done.

In-App Self-Service

Rapidly increase in app self service levels by make it effortless to discover and take care of important tasks and decisions in-app.

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In-App Offers and Promotions

Drive greater response rates with interactive offers seamlessly embedded into your app.

Explore in-app offers & promotions

In-App Data Capture

Send interactive in-app messages and forms to collect signups, registrations, capture customer details or ask for additional data.

Explore in-app data capture

Improve Retention with Atomic

Deliver customer insights, questions and rewards that provide a compelling pathway to action.

In-App Insights

Distil complex information into actionable insights that motivate customers to take important next steps.

Explore in-app insights

In-App Outreach & Surveys

Understand your customers by reaching out with helpful messages, to provide support and collect feedback.

Explore outreach and surveys

In-App Loyalty Rewards

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate and reward your most valuable customers.

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