Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration –

Salesforce Marketing Cloud INTEGRATIONS

Set up in 30 seconds

Trigger directly in Salesforce Journey Builder

It’s now easy to instruct to send action cards to individual customers from Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder, by adding an step to your journey canvas. 

Powering in-app messaging via Salesforce

Do more inside journey builder

Sync, Design, Deliver

Multi-platform journeys

Craft seamless, synchronized experiences across web and mobile platforms, ensuring content reaches the right audience at the right time.

Native in-app experience

Deliver in-app web and mobile user interfaces that seamlessly blend with the native app, eliminating the need for third-party UX solutions.

Experimentation and data capture

Use A/B testing to get a better grasp of what resonates with your customers on a large scale. Afterwards, forward those user responses to support your backend databases or assign tasks to your service or sales teams’ workflows.

Developer-free message authoring

Easily create and launch messages, complete with rich data capture elements like inputs, date pickers, and dropdowns, all without relying on developers.

Flexible layout options

Provide diverse layout choices depending on the message, including full-page takeovers, banners, modals, or vertical/horizontal scrolling containers for use in a “to-do” list.

Two-way communication

Incorporate user controls such as snoozing cards and providing feedback for a more personalised experience.

Let’s talk about you

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