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Kiwibank's Digital Transformation Triumph with, Elevating Customer Security and Engagement

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Kiwibank is the fifth-largest bank in New Zealand by assets, and the largest New Zealand-owned bank, with a market share of approximately 9%.


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Bridging the gap between promise and experience amid rising scams


In the past year, New Zealanders suffered losses amounting to $9 million as a result of scams. Kiwibank recognized the need for a digital transformation to enhance customer security. However, the challenge lay in maintaining their commitment to providing a top-notch customer experience while taking on the migration to more secure channels. The escalating frequency of scams through channels such as email and SMS in the national banking sector underscored the pressing requirement for a secure and scalable solution.


The integration of not only facilitated effective communication but also played a crucial role in enhancing the security of customer interactions by moving into an authenticated digital channel, the Kiwibank app. They quickly saw results when utilizing Atomic action cards via their internet banking app. In one use case, where Kiwibank needed to notify customers during a weather crisis, they achieved a remarkable 93% read rate. Overall, Kiwibank holds an impressive 87% read rate with in-app messages powered by – showing their customers see the app as an impact channel for communication.

Promoting customers to carry out transactions within the secure app environment also yielded exciting results. In April, the average number of logins by mobile app users was 42, indicating a strong demand for digital engagement. As the year progressed, self-service home loan maintenance through digital channels experienced a noteworthy 45% growth compared to it’s previous year. Moreover, 90% of taxation accounts and 88% of credit cards were initiated through digital channels.

Key takeaway

The strategic integration of allowed Kiwibank not only to address the challenge of security for their customers but also increase their engagement. By combining best-in-class technology with a customer-centric approach, Kiwibank achieved a significant reduction in security risks, boosted engagement in secure channels and solidified its reputation as an innovative institution committed to providing a secure and satisfying digital banking experience for all kiwis.

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