Customer Insights: Preferred channels in brand communications

In the past year, there has been a notable shift towards a need for secure channels, spurred by ongoing concerns over data privacy and cybersecurity threats. Customers are desperately seeking certainty regarding the safeguarding of their personal information. This escalating demand is prompting organisations to quickly reassess their communication strategies and implement more robust security measures.

The State of Digital Trust is a customer insights report that was built from surveying over 1000 consumers in Australia and New Zealand. The survey asked about their views on preferred communication channels when speaking to brands, views on digital trust with particular industries and their experience with scams and fraud. 

This 3-part series will break down the main pillars of the report and share our findings. Part 1 covers customers’ channel preferences when speaking with brands and their reasons why. If interested in accessing the full report, you can download your copy here.

Roughly a third of customers have interacted with businesses via in-app messaging in the past month

With the urgent push towards secure communications, customers place this relatively new channel as the most commonly used outside of traditional channels such as email, SMS and phone calls.

When broken down by age, younger and mid-aged customers are particularly strong adopters of in-app messaging, with 34% of under 55-year-olds having engaged with messages through this channel in the past month. Adoption of in-app messaging is slightly lower when compared to their older counterparts, with 21% engagement among 55+ year olds.

More than half of customers who prefer in-app messages prefer it due to their security and low risk of scams

Out shining phone calls, and more than doubling the preference for emails and SMS, customers look to in-app messaging when concerned with fraud.

In-app messages continue to rank the highest for personalisation, user-friendly design and ease of integration

In-app messaging also ranked highly (57%) for it‘s convenience, on par with more traditional channels like email (69%) and phone (54%). While email remains a commonly used channel as mentioned above, it appears to fall below in-app and phone for key features like security.

While in-app messaging is still on the rise, as it competes with traditional top dogs like email phone and sms, it clearly has begun to rank as a top contender in the eyes of consumers.

In the second installment of our series delving into the findings of the State of Digital Trust report, we’ll examine how customers perceive digital trust across various industries and channels. The goal of this series is to offer recent insights into customer behaviors, enabling you to review your current communication strategies and ways to engage with customers. If you’d like to access the full report, you can download your copy here.


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