6 companies crushing in-app experiences for their customers

6 companies crushing in-app experiences

With the recent decline of customer trust in channels like email, SMS and phone calls, marketers are having to look to new avenues to get their messages out there.

When done well, in-app messaging can be an effective way to not only communicate but also to increase customer engagement and improve retention. With the ability to deliver highly personalised messages based on things like customer behaviour, demographics or even lifecycle stages, you’re able to craft tailored experiences you wouldn’t get in other channels. There’s nothing quite as impactful as in-app experiences when it comes to creating a dynamic customer journey.

So to help you get started (or improve on what you’re already doing), we’ve gathered together 6 companies who are nailing it with their in-app messaging.

1. Movember's "mo-space"

The charity changing the face of men’s health, Movember has a community base of more than 300,000 users across 20+ countries. Each year, they come together to raise funds for a variety of men’s health causes, raising over $1.5 billion to date.

As Movember has a need to engage with customers year round, with a large peak during November, they place a heavy importance on connecting with customers through their self-confessed favourite channel: their app.

They utilise a variety of in-app message types, delivering action cards that prompt everything including:

  • User profile updates
  • Additional donation reminders
  • Ways to quickly share goal progress
  • Resources on prostate and testicular cancer prevention

Their in-app engagement strategy has seen them achieve an 8% increase in user retention during their most recent campaign, reaching a 10x higher click-through rate compared to email
Now those are some mo-vellous results!

Read more about their success here.

2. Asana's in-app assistance

Work management platform Asana aims to bring teams together and maximise their efficiency and impact. The highly popular SaaS has both web and mobile apps which are used by 80% of the Forbes Fortune 500 companies, placing them in the perfect position to curate engaging in-app journeys for their customers.

Asana cleverly leverages in-app messages for a range of customer interactions including:

  • Converting freemium users into paid
  • Onboarding activities assisting in account setup and customisation
  • Helpful tips and tricks showing users how to get the most out of the platform
  • Turning customers into advocates by encouraging them to sharing the platform with teammates
  • Updates on tasks and to-dos to help users stay on track (and to encourage engagement with the platform)
Fisher Funds In App Insights Example

3. Fisher Funds' personalised approach

Fisher Funds, New Zealand’s leading specialised investment manager, assists customers in building their wealth and securing their financial future. So it’s no surprise that their teams prefer in-app messaging to keep things secure when delivering outstanding customer service.

Fisher Funds has been able to educate and engage their customers in wealth management best practices in a way that feels tailored to each person. From reviewing fund choices to learning about their risk appetite, customers get a bespoke in-app experience every time.

And the results speak for themselves. Fisher Funds has seen a 25% increase in customer responses since prioritising in-app messages as part of their customer engagement strategy. 

Read more about their success here.

4. Canva's creative lens

Everyone’s favourite design unicorn, Canva‘s use of in-app messaging showcases their ability to connect with customers while they’re drafting a new brochure or building a new slide deck.

Experts at creating well designed, integrated experiences, the Canva team have created native messages that fit seamlessly within the customer journey. They’ve successfully used this strategy to surface interactive messages that welcome you into the app, personalise your entire journey, help to instantly share your designs with relevant teams, recommend trending layouts that you can switch to in one click, and even convert free users by showcasing premium features at just the right time.

5. Hubspot's outstanding onboarding

You can’t talk about in-app messaging without mentioning the highly popular CRM tool, HubspotTheir engaging user experiences and easy-to-follow tours demonstrate why bite-size messages are the way to go with onboarding.

They have also mastered how to effectively deliver new feature updates, upsell relevant tools, and quickly notify users on product status alerts when there’s a technical issue. Hubspot keeps their customers informed and engaged by delivering timely updates directly in their app.

6. Kiwibank's promise to keeping it safe and secure

New Zealand’s largest locally-owned bank puts their app at the heart of their customer security strategy. As email and SMS continue to be used by scammers, Kiwibank has made the smarter choice to move important messages to their authenticated channel – their app.

Inside this safe space, they not only provide updates on your recent payments or easy-to-action new card activations, but they also keep customers aware of the latest scams and effective ways to stay safe online. This demonstrates the opportunity in-app messaging has for educating your customer base and demonstrating your value.

Kiwibank Inapp Experiences

From onboarding to insights, many organisations are leveraging the power of their apps to quickly send secure messages directly to their customers and are reaping the benefits when it comes to both engagement and retention. And this is just the beginning. With the high level of flexibility and customisation in-app messaging offers, what can your organisation achieve by utilising your most impactful channel?

Looking for more inspiration on how you can elevate your in-app customer journeys? Check out our Solutions Catalogue, filled with the latest and greatest ways to use in-app messaging.

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