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Atomic is the prototyping choice for serious teams

Multiply the power of prototyping by working smarter as a team in Atomic

Atomic is for teams who want prototyping at the core of their workflow

A prototyping tool that works for everyone

Atomic makes advanced prototyping accessible to any designer and every project. Whether your team is exploring micro-interactions, big complex flows, or both: they'll move quickly and efficiently.

See Atomic's prototyping features

A collaborative hub

Atomic's cloud platform lets everyone access a single hub, so you never again need worry about syncing files, finding latest versions, or losing work.

A library of shared, reusable assets

Everything is collaborative and reusable, so your library of shared assets becomes larger the more your team uses Atomic.

Atomic is for teams who have no time to waste

The smart way to divide and conquer

Atomic lets your team take on larger and more complex challenges. Team members can work on separate problems but easily combine work to see the whole picture.

Multiplayer editing

Multiplayer editing allows designers to work on the same prototype at the same time, and provides invaluable access for writers, engineers and product managers.

Support for everyone

Every team has access to setup help, training sessions and lightning-fast priority support. We make sure no-one in your team is left behind.

Is Atomic right for your team?

To find out more about team pricing and
 how to best evaluate Atomic for your team,
 book a five-minute preliminary chat.

"Using Atomic has revolutionised the way our design team communicate with Azendoo’s stakeholders, and more importantly with our engineers. Instead of trying to explain animations and transitions through static wireframes and specs, we can send them an Atomic prototype that lets them inspect every detail of the flow."

Luc Chaissac, Azendoo

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