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Native, actionable engagement inside your iOS, Android, or web app.

Built for enterprise. Rapid. Embedded. Secure. 

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Atomic embeds native, actionable customer interaction inside your iOS, Android or web app.

Built for enterprise – Atomic enables rapid, secure in-app customer engagement
Atomic in Action

Turn your customer data and insights into secure, actionable, interactive experiences

How Atomic Works

Easily build and send secure and personalised messaging in-app

Adopt in-app messaging as the only secure channel for customer communication with the Atomic platform. Prioritise security and privacy, and create an integrated strategy with existing communication methods like email and SMS.

Deliver the interactions your customers want and build a strategy that’s designed around their needs. With Atomic, you can leverage the inherent security of in-app customer verification.

The Atomic Platform

Empower every customer to do more in your app

Rapidly leverage existing customer data to send personalized, secure, actionable notifications that help your customers get things done instantly.

The Atomic platform makes it easy to use your existing customer, marketing and transactional data to create bite-sized actionable experiences that live inside your app.

The Atomic Workflow

Accelerate your marketing and digital teams

Give your marketing and digital teams a more effective way to connect with customers. No more unconnected data, complex delivery constraints or deprioritization of customer communication.

Atomic’s low-code development platform and advanced native software development kits rip the cost and complexity out of shipping, tracking, and optimizing bite-sized interactive experiences.

The Atomic Solution

Unlock your app’s full potential

Apps are the only digital channel where you can offer highly-secure, deeply personalised customer interaction.
Atomic enables you to finally put your apps at the heart of your engagement strategy.

Connect live transaction data to present actionable updates directly in-app
Improve customer-marketing effectiveness by enabling conversion securely in-app
Send quick-response and crisis communications discreetly in-app, in minutes, not hours
Respond in real-time to in-app customer activity
Create multi-step journeys that guide users through complex situations
Deliver personalized actionable insights that motivate customers to act
Improve compliance with guaranteed message delivery and audit traceability
Collect data and customer responses with rich interactive forms
Increase app-feature uptake with targeted onboarding and support

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