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Brilliantly simple. Infinitely flexible.

Powerful and scalable prototyping that lets you tackle complexity with confidence

Import designs from your favorite tool, or start creating in Atomic

Import designs from Sketch or anywhere

Bringing designs into Atomic is simple. Use our powerful Sketch plugin or drop in elements from your favourite design tool.

Design in Atomic

Atomic has built-in drawing and layout tools for designing from scratch or building upon imported designs.

  • Bullet Shapes & Text
  • Bullet Fonts & CSS
  • Bullet Pages & Layers
  • Bullet Groups & Masks
  • Bullet Alignment & Distribution
  • Bullet Smart guides & Snapping
  • Bullet Reusable components
  • Bullet Multiplayer editing
  • Bullet Unlimited undo

Designing in Atomic

Use simple interactions or advanced animation to bring your designs to life

Make your designs interactive in seconds

Quickly link your designs using a range of gestures and transitions for mobile or desktop.

Intro to Interactions

Precise control of motion and animation

Fine tune the sequence, easing and timing of each element on the page with the Advanced Motion Timeline.

Advanced Motion Control

Take your prototyping to the next level with Atomic Components

Make large or complex prototypes with ease

Components let you break down complex prototypes into simpler modules that are reusable, collaborative and fully shareable.

Use actions for complete control

Actions let different parts of a prototype listen to and control each other using timers and events.

Save precious time by removing duplication

No time to waste? Atomic lets you share the assets you create with your team, allowing you to work smarter together.

Atomic for Teams

Share with anyone. Get feedback anywhere.

Share your prototypes with one simple link

Share fully interactive prototypes with anyone in seconds via a simple URL. Atomic prototypes work in all modern browsers and reviewers don’t need an Atomic account.

Get the Atomic iOS App

Embed anywhere

Atomic makes it easy to embed live and fully interactive prototypes on any site. (Coming soon)

Use Confluence? Get our add-on

Gather feedback

Make it easy for your team to access your prototypes and give feedback at any time. Atomic plays nice with Slack and Trello, and any other place your team works.

Is Atomic right for you?

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"I love how quickly I can design an interface and automatically create intelligent animated transitions."

Charles Bitton, IBM

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