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Why marketers and product leaders are changing the way they engage with customers


Faced with the limitations of traditional marketing channels, surging customer expectations and a growing responsibility to do more for customers – marketers and product teams are racing to engage customers more effectively in their mobile and web apps. 

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In this virtual fireside chat, hear three leading experts from Australia and New Zealand’s most progressive, award-winning companies share why they care about effective customer engagement. Learn why marketers need to evolve, why apps matter more than ever, and why marketing and digital product teams must rethink how they collaborate to deliver the next generation of digital customer experience.

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It’s an increasingly noisy digital world - in order to get cut through you have to go back to 101 marketing principals - Right place, right time, right message. Not every message is important - it may be to you, but not to your audience. When you put yourself in the shoes of the customer, you will create a beautiful prospect or customer journey and the results will follow.
Sophie Pank
Marketing Director - APAC, Deputy

Meet our speakers

Sophie Pank

Marketing Director - APAC, Deputy
Sophie Pank is a Senior Marketing Leader, having built her career globally in some of the world’s most respected brands including Commonwealth Bank, American Express and Xero. Her marketing career spans across acquisition, customer engagement, and customer upsell and remediation, this breadth of experience has given her great insights into the world of B2C and B2B customer journeys and what best practice communication looks like in order to get cut through. Sophie has most recently grown a new Australian marketing team at Deputy, an Australian pre-IPO SaaS business supporting small, through to enterprise businesses, with their rostering and time and attendance requirements.

Regan Savage

Head of Marketing and Engagement, Southern Cross
Regan is one of NZ’s most recognised and successful Marketing and brand leaders. He has extensive executive team and governance experience. His track record of leading teams to deliver effective, innovative and award-winning work is stellar. As evidenced in the impact he has had for customers and colleagues at Kiwibank, Trade Me and now Southern Cross.

Nick Fantham

Digital Product Manager, Bank of New Zealand

Nick is obsessed with delivering outstanding customer value. As one of the country’s leading Digital Product Managers, he prioritises clarity, confidence, and simplicity in every customer interaction. He innately understands the drivers that lead to deciding what to build and what to buy, and the impact these decisions have on culture. As a result, he has helped lead BNZ to being the best banking app in NZ, as rated by Canstar. Better never stops for Nick, and his vision for an even better digital customer experience is inspiring!

Nick Hearn

Engagement Specialist and CRO, Atomic.io

Our host for this discussion, Nick has an extensive background in customer data analytics and data-driven customer technology. Working daily with marketing and digital leaders in enterprise businesses, helping them unlock the potential of their digital channels. Nick brings deep insight into common challenges, opportunities and best-practices in the space.

In a world of giant MarTech platforms, sunk integration costs and high SaaS fees, it's important to find tools that helps us get value from what we've already invested in, and be right where our customers need us. How can we shift critical, sensitive customer interactions away from email and into app? Messages should be interactive, and completely traceable.
Regan Savage
Head of marketing and Engagement at Southern Cross

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