Weekly Wrap: April 3, 2024

The information in the Atomic Insights Weekly Wrap is aggregated from other news sources to provide you with news that is relevant to the sector across New Zealand, Australia and worldwide. Each paragraph is a summary of the subject matter covered in the particular news article. The information does not necessarily reflect the views of Atomic.io.

New Zealand

Department of Internal Affairs-led operation uncovers ‘criminal network’ of scammers, scam reporting down significantly

A first of its kind operation in New Zealand targeting a criminal network of text message phishing scammers has led to over 4000 items being seized. The 2023 Digital Messaging Transparency Report released today also found there was an 83 per cent decrease in people reporting scams to the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) public scam reporting service since the inception of Operation Cargo.

📚 Resource: Over 75% of customers receive sms scams on a weekly basis. You can access the full insights on trust in text messages and other channels in the Atomic.io State of Digital Trust report. 

How scammers exploit digital naivety

The most common misperception about online scams is that they mainly target older, more vulnerable people. In reality, scams don’t discriminate; the young and old are equally on the radar of sophisticated fraudsters. No demographic is safe, and even ‘digital natives’ who have grown up using the internet can fall victim to online fraud. Scammers are constantly looking for ways to exploit weaknesses, naivety, and complacency, using clever tactics to deceive the tech-savvy.

📚 Resource: Explore 3 proven strategies for stronger data privacy and security in our recent article. 


Australia Post urges customers to ‘stay alert’ amid fresh scam warning

Australia Post has issued an urgent warning to customers to “stay alert” to the threat of scammers preying on unknowing Aussies as a fresh wave of fraudulent text messages and emails land in inboxes across the country. The urgent warning comes after a text message pretending to be from Australia Post was seen by Yahoo News Australia. The SMS, which posed as the postage network, requested personal information from customers regarding a sent package, something the company vows it would “never” do — and should be reported and deleted “immediately”.

📚 Resource: Over 75% of customers receive sms scams on a weekly basis. You can access the full insights on trust in text messages and other channels like email in the Atomic.io State of Digital Trust report. 

Warning of ‘trickery’ as scammers impersonate companies on social media

A recent scam reported to Bendigo bank saw a fraudster create a fake LinkedIn account to successfully gain the trust of their victim. Almost $15 million dollars was reported lost to remote-access scams in 2023, according to the Government’s Scamwatch page, where fraudsters get remote access to victim’s computers and phones under false pretences. But a spokesperson from Bendigo Bank says the easiest way to protect yourself from these scams, is to simply hang up the phone.

📚 Resource: Our recent article on how to avoid customers falling victim to scams helps organisations to be more digital first and align their customer communication strategies to meet customer demands.


Cybersecurity in Malaysia: A reality check on readiness and resilience (Malaysia)

In Cisco’s 2024 Cybersecurity Readiness Index, it is revealed that only two percent of organizations in Malaysia are classified at the ‘Mature’ level for readiness. This classification indicates robust resilience against the myriad of modern cybersecurity risks that today’s businesses face.

Do you charge your phones at public places? Beware of new USB charger scam (India)

The government has issued a warning to citizens about the increasing risk of the USB charger scam, urging them to exercise caution when charging their devices in public places. The scam involves cybercriminals compromising public USB charging ports to steal sensitive data or install malware onto the connected devices.

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