Figured improves customer experiences in-app with Atomic

Figured improves customer experiences in-app with Atomic

Atomic helps Figured increase notification action rates, increase customer confidence, and minimise demand on their customer support team.
Bradley Simpson
15 September 2021

The “build vs buy” decision was very easy. It would have taken us exponentially longer to build the front end experience alone, rather than integrate with the complete product offering Atomic has.

Richard Wyke, Chief Product Officer

Figured provides financial management software to farmers and their advisors, helping them make better, more profitable decisions and plan for the future. These are often large, diverse and globally dispersed teams of people collaborating on the same set of complex data. 

Figured needed an actionable notifications solution that was easy for end users to interact with, and seamlessly integrated with both their front-end user experience and back-end systems. It had to efficiently reconcile customer data with the different people and geographies. It had to deliver customer communications privately and securely, and importantly their customers needed to be able to take action and resolve things instantly without assistance from the customer support team. 

Using the Atomic cloud platform, Figured now ship, monitor and optimise customer communications and interactions in a fraction of the time that they used to. The results so far are outstanding, and Figured is investing further in their Atomic capability to accelerate the delivery of their mobile experience. 

There are four ways Figured leverages Atomic:

1. Improving customer experience

Atomic replaced a legacy custom built in-app notifications system. The Atomic experience blended seamlessly into the existing Figured app, and immediately provided Figured’s customers with a more intuitive way to discover important information and resolve bite-sized issues. 

Atomic blends with our existing design system to seamlessly provide the look and feel to compliment our application. Atomic removes confusion and friction for our customers, and enables our team to ship 5x faster.

May Lin Tye – Product Owner

2. Improving messaging effectiveness

Figured had mature email and chat-based messaging capability, but knew that there must be a better way for their users to make important, in-the-moment decisions. They needed a way to push bite-sized, time-sensitive, actionable messages directly to targeted users in-app, and a way to immediately capture their responses from those messages. 

Atomic enabled Figured to consolidate their old process into bite-sized cards that were instantly actionable by their customers.

The main thing that differentiates Atomic from “dumb notifications”, such as SMS or email, is that they’re so much more interactive. They are clearly better at collecting information and having users respond and interact with that information.

Richard Wyke, Chief Product Officer
Atomic action card Figured example

3. Minimising demand on the customer support team

More effective in-app engagement has delivered a clear impact to Figured’s bottom line. In the last twelve months Figured doubled their customer base. This impressive growth was achieved without increasing their Customer Support team or response times, thanks to a relentless focus on implementing smart new ways to proactively guide and support customers in app. 

It’s been a clear win for us. All those call centre help requests have disappeared and customers are self-serving now through our application.

Richard Wyke, Chief Product Officer

4. Keeping precious development resources focussed on farm accounting software

The Figured team considered building aspects of the Atomic functionality themselves. There were some key variables to consider: (1) the build effort versus buying the product capability; (2) the speed to market; and (3) the opportunity cost of their teams attempting to build and maintain – even a fraction of – the functionality.  Figured’s analysis concluded that Atomic was the best decision, for all three. 

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