Customer Insights: Preparing for zero trust

Over the last year, we’ve seen a big push for secure channels, mainly because customers are worried about their privacy and online security. Folks really want to know their personal info is safe. This growing concern is pushing companies to rethink how they communicate and beef up their security measures. But which channels came out on top and what were the key factors behind those rankings?

The State of Digital Trust is a customer insights report that was built from surveying over 1000 consumers in Australia and New Zealand. The survey asked about their views on preferred communication channels when speaking to brands, views on digital trust with particular industries and their experience with scams and fraud. 

Our 3-part series breaks down the main pillars of the report and shares our findings. Part 2 covers how businesses can prepare for zero trust and the rise of digital skeptism. If interested in accessing the full report, you can download your copy here.

Customers are inundated with fraudulent and scam messages through email, SMS and phone calls

Despite being the most preferred channels to interact with businesses, the far majority are receiving fraudulent / scam messages through email, SMS and/or phone calls on a weekly basis.

Email is the worst culprit, with almost a third (31%) receiving fraudulent / scam messages daily, and over two-thirds (61%) receiving scams on a weekly basis.

Customers are checking the legitimacy of messages they receive

Driven by high levels of fraudulent activity, people frequently check whether messages are legitimate before engaging, particularly across common digital channels like SMS, phone and email.

Customers are the least likely to check the legitimacy of in-app messaging, however, more than half still say they ‘always check’ before interacting.

Customers are looking for more secure solutions to communicate with brands

When looking for ways to tackle the ongoing scam attacks, an overwhelming majority of customers would like the option for a verification service in an app, which would allow users to confirm the legitimacy of a message in other, less secure channels before engaging.

While in-app messaging is still on the rise, as it competes with traditional top dogs like email phone and sms, it clearly has begun to rank as a top contender in the eyes of consumers.

This report’s findings offer up many pressing, yet difficult questions for business leaders to take back and ask their organisations. Customers have shared their pressing thoughts when it comes to brand communication. It’s no longer a matter of if communication strategies need to change, but how quickly and which messages need to be prioritised first. If you’d like to access the full report, you can download your copy here.


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