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5 ways to improve customer experience today

Businesses are increasingly recognising the power of customer experience when it comes to growing loyalty, lowering operational costs and securing long-term growth. But how exactly do you make your CX better? Read on to find out.

Omnichannel vs impact channel: a marketer’s guide

Not all marketing channels are created equal, so let’s spend some time breaking down the pros and cons of omnichannel marketing and learn how to prioritise channels for customer experience and bottom-line impact in today’s digital age.

6 companies crushing in-app experiences for their customers

When done well, in-app messaging can be an effective way to not only communicate but also to increase customer engagement and retention. With the ability to deliver highly personalised messages based on things like customer behaviour, demographics or even lifecycle stages, you’re able to craft tailored experiences you wouldn’t get in other channels. There’s nothing quite as impactful as in-app messaging when it comes to creating a dynamic customer experience.

The invisible magic of isn’t just a software – it’s a transformative approach to customer engagement. In this blog, we explore three key elements: prioritising high-impact channels, differentiating between omni and impact channel strategies, and achieving zero effort impact.

Obvious organisational impact (OOI) – the currency of change agents

Explore the transformative force of Obvious Organisational Impact (OOI) and learn how aligning marketing and digital goals revitalises stalled transformations. We dive into practical insights for accelerating initiatives, creating lasting impact, and navigating the evolving organisational landscape with ease.