Build vs Buy: Should you build in-app communications in-house or buy an external solution?

Should I build it or should I buy it? If you have a mobile or web app, you’ve likely asked yourself this very question. As customers become increasingly more reliant on in-app communications as their most trusted channel to connect with companies, it’s important for your business to carefully consider the best way to incorporate in-app messaging into your product.

Why does it matter?

In an increasingly competitive market, creating the best customer experience can be the difference between becoming industry leaders and falling behind. 

As your customers demand better, more secure ways to interact with you, leveraging channels like in-app messaging is becoming vital.

The question you now have on your hands is this – when implementing in-app messaging, do you build your solution or do you buy it?

How to decide if you should build or buy your in-app messaging solution

When making the decision, it’s important to ask yourself a series of questions:

Why do you need an in-app messaging solution?

Are you increasing customer engagement or meeting their security needs? Understanding the ‘why’ will help you better figure out which solution will best solve your unique problem.

What’s your business roadmap?

To futureproof your business, you need to choose the best solution which can scale at the same rate as your company. Think about where your company aims to be, and select a solution that will work in both the short and long term.

What will best suit your customers?

Are you needing to provide customers with 2FA? Do you need to deliver time-sensitive information? Understand who your customers are and how you can elevate their experiences with in-app messaging to figure out the best solution for you.

What existing resources do you need to consider?
Whether your team is under the pump or you have more resourcing than you know what to do with, understand what capabilities you already have in-house before you make the choice. If your team isn’t able to execute the solution, you’ll be back to square one.

Important considerations

Whichever path you choose, it’s important to carefully consider each of the options available to you. Both have many positives and negatives, and your choice will end up being dependent on which is most effective for your company and your customer – now and into the future.


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