5 ways to improve customer experience today

More and more businesses are acknowledging the influential role of customer experience in fostering loyalty, reducing operational expenses, and ensuring sustained growth. And with 86% of consumers saying they would leave a brand after as few as two poor experiences, businesses are spending more time ensuring they deliver best-in-class customer experiences right from day one. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of making big, long-term changes to your platforms right now. While that’s definitely an important strategy, chances are you can actually get more out of your current customer data and marketing tools immediately. But how exactly can you do that? And where do you start?

Here are a few ways we’ve seen our customers instantly boost their CX results by making the most of the data, processes, and platforms they already have.

1. Ask your customer: how can we help?

This may seem obvious but it never hurts to remind ourselves to go back to the source. Businesses create endless amounts of content, roll out improvements to products, analyse the data and trends, and just keep powering on. But few have taken a step back to directly engage with customers, one-on-one, to simply ask what assistance they’re lacking and how your organisation could fill that gap.

This straightforward approach, coupled with a genuine willingness to listen, can bring out remarkable insights into how your customers are navigating challenges, pinpointing exactly where your support could make a difference.

Some of our customers are using Atomic.io to pose that question; quickly, simply, securely, and directly inside their digital channels. As a result, they’ve instantly collected customer feedback, giving them the ability to get ahead of any issues. 

💡 Where to start? Think about who stands to benefit the most from hearing from you. Start there, start now, and adapt as you go. Skip the unnecessarily lengthy surveys and elaborate prize incentives. Just reach out and ask: “How can we assist?”

2. Clean data, not more data

Put garbage in, get garbage out. Once again, it’s not a new idea but it’s a timely reminder to not only look at the data you have but to halt data coming in (if only for a moment.) Last year we discussed strategies on data privacy and security, including why you should avoid endless data collection. Consumers are much more aware of the risks to data breaches and therefore less likely to share information. Yet on the business side, you need customer data to continue automation and improve experiences. So look to spend time reviewing the data you currently have collected, instead of continuously gaining more. There’s a good chance your data isn’t 100% clean. 

💡 Where to start? Most CRM tools will have a tool that will do this for you, but look for duplicates in contact information, identify recurring errors in workflows and automations, and review how fields are structured (hint: not everything should be an open text field.) A simple monthly review of key fields can make a world of a difference in how you can build better customer experiences.

3. Shut off your worst performing SMS message(s)

Remember how ditching direct mail and paper statements led to significant cost savings? Well, now it’s time to focus on your SMS, especially those outdated transactional messages eating away at your budget. You likely have at least a few of these old SMS messages draining your resources and potentially harming customer satisfaction. In our 2024 report, SMS was ranked one of the least trusted customer channels due to its high risk of scams and lack of security. Many organisations are even planning to remove links from their SMS to further ensure customer security, turning SMS into nothing more than a simple alert.

Make it your mission to hunt down and eliminate underperforming and unnecessary messages. Not only will this give your budget some breathing room, but it’ll also create space for more effective and valuable customer communications.

💡 Where to start? Dive into your analytics. If you haven’t already, it’s crucial to start tracking every SMS and push notification immediately. With this capability, identifying and switching off the least productive messages should be a quick and easy process.

4. Feed digital channel insights back into your marketing systems

Think of this as an extension of the “no new data” rule from earlier. Instead of going to your customers to grab more information, look inwards. Odds are, you’re already tracking a lot of helpful insights and real-time data about your customers’ activity. Are all of those insights making their way back to your customer data and marketing platforms? Time to do a little review and link away!

💡 Where to start? Your digital team can take the lead in getting this set up and making it work for you. In many cases, it’s a few clicks to switch things on and connect the properties up, so look for the quick wins first to get started.

5. Get interactive with your in-app messaging using existing data and marketing tools

Your marketing toolkit isn’t just for sending out emails (and by the looks of it, most customers are not really trusting emails anyhow). Your toolkit can also be used to segment your customers based on behaviours and event triggers. Take advantage of this to send in-app messages to customers at just the right time, like while they’re actively using your mobile app or web portal. You’ve got the channels and the tech – now it’s just about connecting them smartly. 

💡 Where to start: This is where we’re happy to jump in if you need some ideas. Our helpful solutions catalogue showcases some of the most common ways our customers are using in-app messaging using their existing data.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the best CX strategy. We all know you can’t fix everything overnight but it’s crucial to take consistent small steps. Focus on what you can control, solve what you can solve right now, and refuse to stand still.

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