Atomic for Banking –

Supercharge your digital banking channels

Only Atomic helps your customers get things done in one tap. Our customer experience technology can increase your response rates and engagement instantly.

Chances are, customers are trashing your emails and ignoring your notifications.

Atomic cuts through the clutter.

Atomic combines individually targeted notifications and in-app actions in a smart new way.

Stop simply sending messages out. Start inviting customers back.

Reach out to customers with individually personalised, precisely timed notifications. Atomic notifications introduce a one-touch pathway that brings customers back into your app to take action.

Break down digital barriers. Make conversion simple.

Give customers a way to convert in one easy step. Atomic’s bite-sized messages, securely presented to customers inside your apps, make it simple to take action. Seamlessly integrated into your existing app experience, Atomic immediately increases your digital channel capability – and your conversion rates.

Chances are, your digital channels are too overworked, costly, or impersonal to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Atomic changes the relationship for good.

Only Atomic builds customer trust and satisfaction with every message. So you can connect with customers more often, understand their needs better, and help them succeed.

Stop selling.
Start helping.

Atomic makes it easy to implement personalised, needs-based support and sales interactions at scale. No need to flood staff-assisted channels or blow out contact centre queues.

Respond faster.
Reduce risk.

Atomic is the perfect platform to securely reach customers at short notice, update messaging as situations evolve, and maintain audit-level traceability. Communicating about system outages, pandemic updates, and compliance and market events takes less time, returns better insights, and avoids the many pitfalls of legacy channels.

Chances are, your marketing tech isn’t delivering enough ROI, and your digital teams are overloaded.

Atomic eases the burden.

Atomic builds on your existing systems and investments, so your teams can deliver in record time.

Unlock your marketing tech. Unblock your customer data.

Atomic connects to any existing platform – your marketing data platforms, web services, legacy systems, or even manual data. Atomic builds on your existing investments, while also providing a future pathway to retiring legacy systems and expensive technical debt.

Free up developers. Empower your teams to work faster and smarter.

Atomic handles the mountain of tedious (but critical) jobs so your developers can focus on higher-value priorities. Atomic manages everything from communicating with customers, staying on top of their feedback and preferences, tracking and reporting on outcomes, and everything in-between.  And with Atomic’s cloud platform, you can develop, ship, monitor and optimise customer communications in a fraction of the time.

Where will you start?

Atomic works for customers with every banking need – from customer upsell, cross-sell and retention offers, to everyday banking activities, to individualised customer insights, to product education.